Our Company

Everness is a new health and well-being drink brand, registered as a trade mark in the United Kingdom. Founded in London by Health and Well-being Innovations Limited, a start-up company incorporated in August 2022, Everness is committed to bringing the highest level of quality and innovation to every drink we create. With our registered office in England and Wales, we are proud to be a part of the vibrant and diverse community of London and beyond.

Big ideas have small beginnings!

The brand was founded by Alberto Gonzalez, an innovative entrepreneur with a diverse background in food and drink, as well as design, human-centred design, research, and human behaviour. With a family history in the restaurant industry and professional experience as a chef at esteemed establishments such as The Cafe Royal and Soho House, Alberto has honed his skills in creating the finest cuisine. Now, he is taking on the challenge of crafting the best fresh health drinks in the world, using a base of nourishing fruits. With his expertise and passion, Alberto is sure to bring a unique and unparalleled level of quality to every recipe he creates.

Everness Brand its supported by the partner company Advanguart Limited, a software design consultancy in London. A brand with over 20 years of experience in the digital and marketing world. Incorporated in September 2016, and registered office is in England and Wales.

Everness is a formula created and tested for over 5 years with groundbreaking results. Please click here to learn more about Everness.

Why are we doing it and what's our company mission

We have 3 clear main aims to accomplish:

  1. Help people improve their overall health and well-being
  2. Help businesses generate more ROI - existing and new customers
  3. Help to tackle the fruit waste around the world starting in the UK

"A staggering £1.17bn worth of fruit, veg and bread is wasted every year by Brits, according to new research from Sainsbury's.20 Jan 2022"

Our goal at Everness is to help fruit retailers and businesses sell more fruit, more easily, by introducing our innovative health drink brand to the global market with the Eco friendly packaging. By promoting Everness  and the retail shops locally, we aim to provide a new and convenient way for fruit retailers to benefit from the increasing demand for healthy and delicious drinks. With our unique and refreshing recipes, we are confident that Everness will become a valuable asset to any fruit retail business.

At Everness, we believe that by introducing our innovative health drink brand to the global market, we can help to tackle the issue of fruit waste while also improving people's health and supporting businesses. By using fresh and flavourful fruits as the base for our drinks, we can help to reduce waste while also offering a delicious and healthy alternative to sugary beverages. By working together, we can make a positive impact on the world while also benefiting ourselves and others.

The world is our geographical target

Great things often have small and progressive plans, and at Everness, we believe that the key to success is focusing on local promotion and partnerships. By working with businesses such as retail shops, smoothie shops, restaurants, and outlets that are interested in selling our health drinks, we can help to introduce Everness to new audiences and bring our innovative and refreshing recipes to a wider market. By focusing on local partnerships and promotion, we hope to build a strong foundation for the growth of our brand. Add your store location to Everness Health Drink location map.

Would you like to become a Everness Health Drink point of sale? Learn more by clicking on the link.

Are you a business owner interested in selling our brand with your fruits at your stores? It's easy, you just need to Order Everness Health Drink branded packaging.