Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers for the most frequently asked questions

How can I sell Everness brand in my Store or Shop?

Are you looking to sell Everness Health Drinks? Buy the branded packaging and start selling. 

Follow our guide to selling Everness for the best experience.

You will provide the shop details and address for us to publish the location and promote the drink and your store locally.

How I add my Store/s address to the Location map?

When ordering the branded packaging, complete the form to tell us the address of your store/s to promote. We will add your stores to ad campaigns to promote your stores online with local audiences. We will add your stores to our location map.

Can I add more than one store or shop?

You can add as many retail stores or shop locations as you want.

The more locations you have, the better for brand awareness and exposure.

I have multiple locations, how I make the order to deliver to all locations

You have to make different order to each location to calculate the delivery for each location. You can make different orders from the same account.

What type of cups shape I will get?

We are selling the same cup as displayed on the product pages.

We are always looking for the best quality packaging with the best look and feel for the best consumer experience. Plastic FREE and sustainable.